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Lost and Found… and Binned…!

Online Chat Transcript With O2 Customer Representative:

info: Welcome to O2. Someone will be with you soon.

info: You’re through to ‘Beth’

Steve: Hi Beth,

Beth: Hello, it’s Beth here. I hope you’re well. What can I do for you?

Steve: Whilst I was walking my Dog this morning, I found an O2 SIM Card on the Cycle Path… what should I do with it please?

Beth: Do you Know it’s number?

Steve: 89441 ***** ***** ***** 3GE5

Beth: That’s a SIM number. I want to know it’s mobile bumber?

Beth: Number*

Steve: …and how exactly does one determine that from a SIM card please?

Steve: Can you people tie the two numbers together and trace one from the other?

Beth: Please let me transfer this chat to our service team.

info: We’re putting you through to the right person, won’t be long.
info: You’re through to ‘Anisha’

Anisha: Hello, it’s Anisha here. What can I do for you?

Steve: can you read the threads of the last chat…?

Anisha: Hi, Steve. Yes.

Steve: Whilst I was walking my Dog this morning, I found an O2 SIM Card (Number 89441 ***** ***** ***** 3GE5) on a Cycle Path… what should I do with it please?

Anisha: Not to worry, Steve. let me check that for you.

Anisha: Steve, I request you to dispose the SIM card.

Steve: Ok, will do, I just wondered if it could be traced back to a “Crime Scene” and therefore lead to solving a Manhunt or something awesome like that… wouldn’t it be fab if it were the missing piece of an intricate and vast jigsaw puzzle of events which threaten national or even global security!!!

Anisha: That would be really interesting. But unfortunately, I request you to dispose it or else you can give it in your o2 retail store.

Steve: Ah, ok, Roger that, I shall indeed, thank you Anisha and goodbye.

Supporting the Next Generation

Great Value Food

One 28th November 2013, I had the privilege of meeting with Roger King, Sector Manager for Engineering at Peterborough Regional College (PRC), an institution which greatly helped me to achieve National Certificates in Engineering between 1984 and 1989. (BTEC ONC) (BTEC HNC)

The reason for meeting Roger at PRC was to ask how best to give something back to the College? But ahead of meeting him, my friend Emma joined me for lunch at Parcs Restaurant.

Situated within the Campus, Parcs is staffed by College students from the hospitality and catering courses and the restaurant provides them with the perfect opportunity to not only present their cooking and service skills, but also to get valuable experience and direct feedback from genuine customers.

There and then I resolved to devise a way in which engineering students could gain similar valuable external experience and Customer feedback during their training and I’m sure I’ll publish more on that in the future, including subsequent work with Roger.

Emma and I really enjoyed our dining experience at Parcs Restaurant, partly due to the exacting professional standards achieved by the students, but also due to the frankly unbelievable value for money. Both the Menu and the tiny Bill are attached for reference.

Great selection including seasonal veg (such as Leeks).

Great selection including seasonal veg (such as Leeks).

Chicken Salad, Beef, Crumble with Custard.

Wonderful 3-Course lunch and a Small Glass of Red Wine, £9.00!