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She’s not normal…


Look around at what’s ‘normal’ nowadays…

What do they mean she’s not normal?
What do they mean they don’t like her ’cause she’s “different”?
Why do they say her way is wrong and she should do things their way?
Why do they assert that she won’t get along unless she gets in-line?
Why do they tell others that she’s not like them?

There are lots of brains connected to lots of eyes, lots of ears and lots of mouths on this overcrowded planet, some belong to humans & some to animals. Interesting that their eyes & ears perceive negativity in her. Interesting that their brains relay that negativity to their mouths, perpetuating the myth that “she’s not normal…”

If only they would look around at what has come to be “normal” nowadays on this overcrowded planet:
– Climate change is creating floods at the same time as drought;
– Arrogance, wealth & power have combined to create famine & food-banks at the same time as an obesity epidemic;
– Human demand for development, growth and material goods is fueling deforestation and extinction of habitat & species.

Therefore, we thank those who say she’s “different”, we thank them for agreeing she’s not normal…

Clearly, normal is broken.

She is a beautiful human being…

Her life is filled with love, happiness & purpose… is theirs?

Sports Technology Available to Sports Fans

Sports Technology Available to Sports Fans

Headlines today, Tues 1st April 2014, suggest a public outcry at the £90 price-tag for the England Replica Football shirts ahead of World Cup 2014 in Brazil!

The Nike website suggests that the price reflects the nature of the innovative “enhanced cooling technology” in the material used to make the kit…

…I’m sure that will be very useful for the Players running around the pitch for 90 mins in Brazil, but I’m sure the average Fan in the stadium would be happy with something that simply ‘stretches’.

Let’s hope it’s just an April-Fools prank by Nike.