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Back in the game, back in the air!

Whilst Air Law dictates that a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) holder, whether fixed-wing or rotary, must take-off and land three times every three months in order to remain ‘current’, most Aerodromes (and Pilots) believe that a three-month gap is too long and so Aircraft Owners that offer Self-Fly Hire (SFH) agreements insist on a take-off and landing every month for insurance purposes.

Having last flown on 22nd Aug 2014 with my friend Nikki, I was due a ‘currency’ flight around 20th Sept just as G-WIZR (the Robinson R22 resident at Peterborough Conington Aerodrome for which I have a Type-Rating to fly) was due for its 2,000-hour overhaul and so I fell ‘out of currency’ – until yesterday!

Yesterday I flew a single circuit at Conington with my Chief Flying Instructor (CFI), Mick Horrell in his new R22 G-DHGS (pictured). Whilst the machine is just starting it’s 2nd reincarnation having been rebuilt at 2,000 hours and again recently at 4,000 hours, it still looks, feels and performs as new and still has the ‘paper’ covers in the foot-wells!

…privileged, relieved, excited, you name it, simply chuffed to be flying again.

R22 4k Hours 3rd Reincarnation

R22 4k Hours 3rd Reincarnation

G-DHGS Weather Sock

G-DHGS & Conington Weather-Sock

Do we ‘want’ or do we ‘need’ what have become known as “labour saving” technologies…?


Surely one of the most destructive and corrosive phrases ever coined by industry is “labour-saving”?

Not only does it imply that human physical exertion is something that should be avoided,  “I’ll take the car”, “…the elevator”, “the escalator”, but sadly some individuals have, over time, adopted a mindset that they’re actually above exerting themselves, that they’ve perhaps achieved such an elevated status in life that physical exertion is somehow below them?

Whilst the car, the elevator and the escalator are all amazing inventions, they are now being used through want as opposed to through need. Somewhat paradoxically, as human athletic performance gets ‘evolved-out’ over time due to laziness, these devices will eventually need to be used rather than being used through choice.