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Some time ago, a friend recommended “Windows Phone” suggesting it was “magic”!

Once persuaded, I bought two, plus the Surface RT Tablet and eventually the Surface Pro 3. Now I understand what he meant by “Magic” – the battery life actually INCREASES! over time… On one occasion recently, at 10:30am the remaining battery life was down to just two hours and eight minutes…

Battery Life Increases Over Time (2)

…so I left it for a couple of hours et voilà! at 12:30pm the remaining battery life had increased to two hours and forty eight minutes! which left me purring reassuringly.

Battery Life Increases Over Time (3)

Quantity, Quality, Style and Substance

Sure, there’s more paint in a Dulux Factory and more miles of Canal in Birmingham, but Italy has Venice


and the Sistine Chapel…

Sistine Chapel Ceiling

… right?