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Economics of Renewable Electricity [Currently]

BBCR4 Evan Davies – The Bottom Line – Renewable Energy

Expert insight, articulated in layman’s terms, from the key people currently shaping the UK renewable electricity landscape, at megawatt (MW) & gigawatt (GW) scale.

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Definition: The slowing down of the flow of traffic to a virtual standstill due to a narrowing of our streets.

Cause: Excessive acquisition of vehicles which have become static and are not actively moving in the way they were originally intended.

Quantity, Quality, Style and Substance

Sure, there’s more paint in a Dulux Factory and more miles of Canal in Birmingham, but Italy has Venice


and the Sistine Chapel…

Sistine Chapel Ceiling

… right?

Do we ‘want’ or do we ‘need’ what have become known as “labour saving” technologies…?


Surely one of the most destructive and corrosive phrases ever coined by industry is “labour-saving”?

Not only does it imply that human physical exertion is something that should be avoided,  “I’ll take the car”, “…the elevator”, “the escalator”, but sadly some individuals have, over time, adopted a mindset that they’re actually above exerting themselves, that they’ve perhaps achieved such an elevated status in life that physical exertion is somehow below them?

Whilst the car, the elevator and the escalator are all amazing inventions, they are now being used through want as opposed to through need. Somewhat paradoxically, as human athletic performance gets ‘evolved-out’ over time due to laziness, these devices will eventually need to be used rather than being used through choice.

Here and There

Best Uses for Clean Water
Best Uses for Clean Water


Hear both sides of the debate: Fracking.

Hydraulic Frackturing

Thought-leaders discuss opposing views of fracking uniquely mediated by a host able to employ conflict resolution techniques. Read More…

Walking +…

What could be better than just walking?

Walking on sand near the ocean or walking on grass near trees.

Away from concrete, car fumes, crowds & noise.

Away from complication.

Surrounded by the sights, the sounds and the smells of nature.

Surrounded by simplicity.

Ideally, wearing flip-flops or maybe wearing Golf Shoes.

What could be better than just walking?


Fractions of Lives



Now in my mid-40’s, I reflect that my life’s pretty well been in three discreet thirds…

The first third was mainly (~75%) spent and only partly (~25%) invested as a school pupil through to age 16;

The second third was the reverse with my time being mainly (~75%) invested and only partly (~25%) spent in building my early career in a food-machinery business from age 16 through to 32. There I successfully worked my way up from mechanical engineering apprentice to the front end of the business in sales and business development – with the help of some inspiring people and despite some others…

The last and by some considerable margin the most interesting third has been 100% invested in a diverse variety of business development roles all in the renewable energy sector. I also reflect that this most recent third has been by far the most ‘accelerated’ so far – frankly a blur.

There is no doubt that my own personal trend away from time “spent and/or wasted”, toward time “invested” has borne fruit, both in career-terms and outside of work too in terms of health, fitness, diversity, variety, and happiness.

Of course, what I don’t know, or indeed very few people know, is what fraction of my whole life I’m currently at right now? Three quarters maybe? or even better maybe only half way? or a third of the way through? – who knows?

Therefore, refusing to revert to “spending or wasting” time, I will continue to “invest” the remaining fraction of my life – whatever the size of fraction it ends up being.

My own personal challenge won’t be in maintaining high levels of effort and enthusiasm, but in ensuring it’s channelled toward increasingly meaningful and mindful activities, experiences and people.

She’s not normal…


Look around at what’s ‘normal’ nowadays…

What do they mean she’s not normal?
What do they mean they don’t like her ’cause she’s “different”?
Why do they say her way is wrong and she should do things their way?
Why do they assert that she won’t get along unless she gets in-line?
Why do they tell others that she’s not like them?

There are lots of brains connected to lots of eyes, lots of ears and lots of mouths on this overcrowded planet, some belong to humans & some to animals. Interesting that their eyes & ears perceive negativity in her. Interesting that their brains relay that negativity to their mouths, perpetuating the myth that “she’s not normal…”

If only they would look around at what has come to be “normal” nowadays on this overcrowded planet:
– Climate change is creating floods at the same time as drought;
– Arrogance, wealth & power have combined to create famine & food-banks at the same time as an obesity epidemic;
– Human demand for development, growth and material goods is fueling deforestation and extinction of habitat & species.

Therefore, we thank those who say she’s “different”, we thank them for agreeing she’s not normal…

Clearly, normal is broken.

She is a beautiful human being…

Her life is filled with love, happiness & purpose… is theirs?

Have “The Scales of Justice” Lost Their Balance…?

Have “The Scales of Justice” Lost Their Balance…?

Headlines today, Monday 31st March 2014, include insight to the UK’s first ever annual report to Parliament by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Tom Winsor, a key finding from which is that, due to high profile and widely reported scandals, the reputation of the Police is “damaged but not broken”.

But I venture to suggest it’s not just the high profile cases of malpractice, wrongdoing and corruption, like the Stephen Lawrence murder investigation, the Hillsborough disaster and the Andrew Mitchell Plebgate scandal, which are having an adverse impact on our trust in the Police and corroding the British model of policing by consent.

My experience is that the police simply don’t help themselves…

For example, I wonder how balanced are “The Scales of Justice” in terms of my own limited dealings with the police…?

On one side of the scales, thankfully, I’ve had very little to do with the police and on the other side of the scales I like to think I’ve built up loads of “credit”. Credit in terms of working hard since leaving school; having always paid my taxes and national insurance; given back to society through being a Foster parent; maintaining a full clean driving licence for both car and motorbike; having passed an Advance Institute of Motoring “Defensive Driving” course; ensured that my vehicles are well maintained, taxed, MOT’d and insured… etc. etc. basically, built up credit by trying to do everything right by the law, just like the vast majority of other good citizens out there!

One would therefore hope and assume that “The Scales of Justice” are irrefutably tipped in my favour – right?


On a Petrol Station Forecourt recently, I was approached by one of three fully tooled-up Policemen in a Volvo pursuit vehicle. He gave me a £60.00 on the spot fine for the incorrect spacing of the letters on my vehicle registration plate despite the forecourt cameras being able to read the number plate without issue.

That certainly damaged my trust in the Police and eroded their reputation in my eyes.

Therein lies the dichotomy. If the instant decisions of the Police are so manifestly binary with no appreciation of the good stuff that’s gone before, then is it any wonder that people have little appreciation or respect for the good stuff they do either?