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Economics of Renewable Electricity [Currently]

BBCR4 Evan Davies – The Bottom Line – Renewable Energy

Expert insight, articulated in layman’s terms, from the key people currently shaping the UK renewable electricity landscape, at megawatt (MW) & gigawatt (GW) scale.

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Here and There

Best Uses for Clean Water
Best Uses for Clean Water


Hear both sides of the debate: Fracking.

Hydraulic Frackturing

Thought-leaders discuss opposing views of fracking uniquely mediated by a host able to employ conflict resolution techniques. Read More…

She’s not normal…


Look around at what’s ‘normal’ nowadays…

What do they mean she’s not normal?
What do they mean they don’t like her ’cause she’s “different”?
Why do they say her way is wrong and she should do things their way?
Why do they assert that she won’t get along unless she gets in-line?
Why do they tell others that she’s not like them?

There are lots of brains connected to lots of eyes, lots of ears and lots of mouths on this overcrowded planet, some belong to humans & some to animals. Interesting that their eyes & ears perceive negativity in her. Interesting that their brains relay that negativity to their mouths, perpetuating the myth that “she’s not normal…”

If only they would look around at what has come to be “normal” nowadays on this overcrowded planet:
– Climate change is creating floods at the same time as drought;
– Arrogance, wealth & power have combined to create famine & food-banks at the same time as an obesity epidemic;
– Human demand for development, growth and material goods is fueling deforestation and extinction of habitat & species.

Therefore, we thank those who say she’s “different”, we thank them for agreeing she’s not normal…

Clearly, normal is broken.

She is a beautiful human being…

Her life is filled with love, happiness & purpose… is theirs?

£10m for This or That

£10m for This or That

Every year, the national trade association for renewable energy, RenewableUK (formerly the British Wind Energy Association), hosts an annual conference for its members and this generally moves each year between the four Nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In 2004, at the beginning of September, Manchester played host to the 26th such Annual Conference including, as always, a Gala Awards Dinner scheduled for the middle evening of conference, hosted on this particular occasion at Old Trafford, the home of all things Manchester United.

Back then, onshore wind energy development was being stifled by the NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) and the BANANAs (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone), the latter being generally attributed to Thatcher’s former press Secretary, Sir Bernard Ingham. As a result, the wind industry was stepping offshore in order to mitigate some of the visual impact issues championed by such lobby groups and Government support was being offered through the award of small Capital Grants of up to £10m per project for early 30-turbine pilot scale offshore wind farms.

During the evening Gala Dinner, attendees were invited in small groups to take a short guided tour of Old Trafford, including the trophy room; the changing room where the [in]famous incident is alleged to have occurred when Sir Alex threw a football boot which hit Beckham; and finally, a walk out onto the terraces. Each tour was conducted by a sage old local guide, hugely knowledgeable about the club and full of hilarious anecdotes about its history.

As our particular group completed our tour, we emerging out on to the terrace where we were not only offered the hugely impressive view of the 75,000-seater stadium, but we were also invited to ask any final questions… here is mine:

“Clearly we’re here this evening as part of our annual wind energy conference at a time when we’re fighting hard to secure capital grants of up to £10m to construct offshore wind farms and move the UK toward energy security from low carbon sources… may I ask, roughly how much is Nike paying the club in sponsorship to get its brand shown throughout the Stadium…?”

Our tour guide didn’t hesitate: “of course Sir, it’s a three hundred and thirty million pound deal over ten years, so about thirty three million year on year…”

I paused for a moment while most of our tour group gasped in amazement, then gulped and thanked him not only for his response, but also for his entertaining and humorous insight during the tour…