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Living Photo’s

Imagine taking a high-definition photograph with you phone… whereby the camera on your phone actually captures & stores three seconds of video footage as part of that photo before presenting you a “still” image half-way through the three second video footage.

Imagine the result being that as you thumb through your images, each one appears to come to life with a short burst of “live” animation and sound, for example highlighting a ripple on a lake, a flower or leaf moving in the breeze, passers-by in front of a famous landmark, the movement in the eyes of your pet Dog, or your Baby’s first smile.

Imagine nowt… it’s here… see it for real on iPhone 6s, which also comes with pioneering new 3D Touch-Screen Menus: Tech Insider Video – Apple iPhone 6

Hidden In Plain Sight

Far from being an attention test, this new advertisement from ŠKODA provides a clever confession about marketing and how desire distracts us from reality, realities like the adverse effect of consumerism on our planet.

Hidden In Full View Start

ŠKODA Advert

Click on the Image to view the short advert which uses an apparently benign combination of:

soporific voice-over: to direct us toward the key ‘features’ of the item being promoted

perceived normality: where the only ‘apparent’ changes to the scene are irrelevancies like cars and people passing by

poor broadcast quality: slightly annoying “breaks” in the continuity of broadcast quality

The result is revealed only at the very end as the viewer realises how much of their ‘environment’ is perception and reality, how much detail has passed them by, how much they’ve been distracted, how subtle the changes have been over time and how much has been hidden in plain sight.