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Economics of Renewable Electricity [Currently]

BBCR4 Evan Davies – The Bottom Line – Renewable Energy

Expert insight, articulated in layman’s terms, from the key people currently shaping the UK renewable electricity landscape, at megawatt (MW) & gigawatt (GW) scale.

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Hidden In Plain Sight

Far from being an attention test, this new advertisement from ŠKODA provides a clever confession about marketing and how desire distracts us from reality, realities like the adverse effect of consumerism on our planet.

Hidden In Full View Start

ŠKODA Advert

Click on the Image to view the short advert which uses an apparently benign combination of:

soporific voice-over: to direct us toward the key ‘features’ of the item being promoted

perceived normality: where the only ‘apparent’ changes to the scene are irrelevancies like cars and people passing by

poor broadcast quality: slightly annoying “breaks” in the continuity of broadcast quality

The result is revealed only at the very end as the viewer realises how much of their ‘environment’ is perception and reality, how much detail has passed them by, how much they’ve been distracted, how subtle the changes have been over time and how much has been hidden in plain sight.

Natural events bring both challenges and opportunities, naturally…

Impact on Renewable Energy

Europe will witness a total solar eclipse starting around 08:40amCET on Friday 20th March 2015.

This event will provide an unprecedented test for Europe’s electricity systems thereby furthering our collective understanding of the impact of increased penetration of variable renewable technologies such as SolarPV which now accounts for approximately 10% of all the electricity produced in Europe from renewable sources.

Germany in particular may be impacted – for all the right reasons – due to its impressive achievement of now sourcing over 25% of its electricity from technologies such as SolarPV and Wind Farm arrays.

Just over one week later, during the evening of Saturday 28th March, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)  embarks upon Earth Hour 2015 an annual event where the world population [currently ~7.2Bn] is invited to switch off lights for one hour in a demonstrable act of pro-planet solidarity. Read More…


Definition: A sudden shortness of breath.

Cause: Being overwhelmed by too much stuff, often shiny new stuff, but ALWAYS stuff that we can’t take with us at the very end.

Do we ‘want’ or do we ‘need’ what have become known as “labour saving” technologies…?


Surely one of the most destructive and corrosive phrases ever coined by industry is “labour-saving”?

Not only does it imply that human physical exertion is something that should be avoided,  “I’ll take the car”, “…the elevator”, “the escalator”, but sadly some individuals have, over time, adopted a mindset that they’re actually above exerting themselves, that they’ve perhaps achieved such an elevated status in life that physical exertion is somehow below them?

Whilst the car, the elevator and the escalator are all amazing inventions, they are now being used through want as opposed to through need. Somewhat paradoxically, as human athletic performance gets ‘evolved-out’ over time due to laziness, these devices will eventually need to be used rather than being used through choice.

Here and There

Best Uses for Clean Water
Best Uses for Clean Water


Hear both sides of the debate: Fracking.

Hydraulic Frackturing

Thought-leaders discuss opposing views of fracking uniquely mediated by a host able to employ conflict resolution techniques. Read More…

Congrats Steve! You’re invited to publish on LinkedIn…

Our online future is all about “content-generation”.

If you are able to create relevant, credible and timely content, EVERYONE will want you to do it using THEIR particular platform… hence this kind invitation from LinkedIn.

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Walking +…

What could be better than just walking?

Walking on sand near the ocean or walking on grass near trees.

Away from concrete, car fumes, crowds & noise.

Away from complication.

Surrounded by the sights, the sounds and the smells of nature.

Surrounded by simplicity.

Ideally, wearing flip-flops or maybe wearing Golf Shoes.

What could be better than just walking?


England: Land of Free TV’s


England: Land of Free TV’s