Back in the game, back in the air!

Whilst Air Law dictates that a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) holder, whether fixed-wing or rotary, must take-off and land three times every three months in order to remain ‘current’, most Aerodromes (and Pilots) believe that a three-month gap is too long and so Aircraft Owners that offer Self-Fly Hire (SFH) agreements insist on a take-off and landing every month for insurance purposes.

Having last flown on 22nd Aug 2014 with my friend Nikki, I was due a ‘currency’ flight around 20th Sept just as G-WIZR (the Robinson R22 resident at Peterborough Conington Aerodrome for which I have a Type-Rating to fly) was due for its 2,000-hour overhaul and so I fell ‘out of currency’ – until yesterday!

Yesterday I flew a single circuit at Conington with my Chief Flying Instructor (CFI), Mick Horrell in his new R22 G-DHGS (pictured). Whilst the machine is just starting it’s 2nd reincarnation having been rebuilt at 2,000 hours and again recently at 4,000 hours, it still looks, feels and performs as new and still has the ‘paper’ covers in the foot-wells!

…privileged, relieved, excited, you name it, simply chuffed to be flying again.

R22 4k Hours 3rd Reincarnation

R22 4k Hours 3rd Reincarnation

G-DHGS Weather Sock

G-DHGS & Conington Weather-Sock

Do we ‘want’ or do we ‘need’ what have become known as “labour saving” technologies…?


Surely one of the most destructive and corrosive phrases ever coined by industry is “labour-saving”?

Not only does it imply that human physical exertion is something that should be avoided,  “I’ll take the car”, “…the elevator”, “the escalator”, but sadly some individuals have, over time, adopted a mindset that they’re actually above exerting themselves, that they’ve perhaps achieved such an elevated status in life that physical exertion is somehow below them?

Whilst the car, the elevator and the escalator are all amazing inventions, they are now being used through want as opposed to through need. Somewhat paradoxically, as human athletic performance gets ‘evolved-out’ over time due to laziness, these devices will eventually need to be used rather than being used through choice.

Maximum impact with minimum props through real attention to detail…

A privilege to watch Circo Rum Ba Ba perform L’Hotel and witness how such attention to detail can be used to package great entertainment into a relatively small (3m x 3m) space with just three performers.

Hundreds of onlookers gathered at Cathedral Gate in Peterborough City Centre to watch their hugely impressive contribution toward Peterborough Arts Festival.

Two members of the audience were also invited to take part in the show, but in an engaging and meaningful way, without being made to feel embarrassed.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Here and There

Best Uses for Clean Water
Best Uses for Clean Water


Hear both sides of the debate: Fracking.

Hydraulic Frackturing

Thought-leaders discuss opposing views of fracking uniquely mediated by a host able to employ conflict resolution techniques. Read More…

Congrats Steve! You’re invited to publish on LinkedIn…

Our online future is all about “content-generation”.

If you are able to create relevant, credible and timely content, EVERYONE will want you to do it using THEIR particular platform… hence this kind invitation from LinkedIn.

Make sure you achieve the greatest personal benefit for your efforts by creating & generating content within YOUR own most powerful domains & resources (your Blog or maybe your Website) and then offer other platforms the opportunity to link to it…

Walking +…

What could be better than just walking?

Walking on sand near the ocean or walking on grass near trees.

Away from concrete, car fumes, crowds & noise.

Away from complication.

Surrounded by the sights, the sounds and the smells of nature.

Surrounded by simplicity.

Ideally, wearing flip-flops or maybe wearing Golf Shoes.

What could be better than just walking?


Karma, what goes around, comes around…

During the peak of summer 2011, while riding too fast trying to keep up with my wonderful dog, Bloo…

Whippet Collie Cross

Bloo, my Lurcher (Whippet/Collie-cross)

… I crashed my bicycle shattering my right Clavicle, fracturing my Scapular and cracking three ribs…

Ribs, Scapula and Clavical

Rt Scapula Post-Op – 1170851

As my breathing recovered from the winding caused at impact, I started to think about what to do next?

Too proud & embarrassed to call for help, I got back on to my bike and started the desperate journey back toward The Badger (Jeep).

Along the way, Bloo ran off chasing Rabbits on the Golf Course and I couldn’t even shout after him, let alone chase after him.

Instead, I pressed on toward the Car Park and using the ‘working’ arm, hoisted the Bike into the Jeep and drove home…

Thankfully, later that night, as I was recuperating in A&E, we received a phone call confirming that Bloo was fine – he’d wandered into the Pub associated with the Golf Course sometime after last-orders and, rather than shoeing him away, a kind member of staff had embraced him, read the Tag on his collar and phoned us. Phew!

This week, I was privileged to return that kindness after a beautiful Greyhound ran into a busy road hitting the side of an oncoming car.

With the poor creature shocked and hurt, shaking and crying out loud, onlookers simply didn’t know what do, including the unfortunate driver of the passing car who was clearly not to blame.

Something inside me ‘kicked-in’ and I simply knew what needed doing. I was in a suitable car; carrying a first-aid kit and a spare dog-lead. Armed with these and a huge love for dogs, I lifted the shaking Animal into the back and whizzed her to the Vet.

Molly, the magnificent five year-old Brindle Greyhound was not only Tattooed in both ears, but she was also Micro-chipped and therefore returned to her owners within a couple of hours, thankfully with a clean bill of health.

In the Vet's Consulting Room

Molly the Brindle Greyhound

5-year old, Brindle Greyhound,

Molly’s pretty face.

Having left my details with the Vet after the incident, I was delighted to finally speak with Molly’s owners who, like us three years’ earlier, were so unbelievably relieved & pleased to get that phone-call about their missing loved-one.

England: Land of Free TV’s


England: Land of Free TV’s

The Red Pill and the Blue Pill…

The Red Pill and the Blue Pill...

I have three brothers-in-law all three are in their forties. One of them is married (at the time of writing!) and the other two are engaged. The eldest, who is fast approaching his 50th Birthday, has chosen today, Friday 13th (considered as an unlucky day in Western superstition…) to take his prospective bride up the aisle.

Q. At the biblical 11th hour, will he be choosing the Red Pill, or the Blue Pill..?

Decision time

No…! There is a different future…